Welcome to EmpowerKidz!

At EmpowerKidz, we’re all about optimizing your child’s learning capacity and capabilities. We provide brain and cognitive skills assessments and offer training programs to stimulate, boost and enhance brain capacity. Our proven training methods ensure significant gains in reading, writing, math, attention, processing, memory and other key areas. As a result, learning becomes more fun for your child and academics take on new meaning.

If your child has specific learning disabilities, ADD or ADHD, cognitive skills deficiencies, or behavioral issues, these are just a few ways we can help:

  • Improve cognitive skills and enhance academic abilities
  • Build self esteem
  • Teach strategies to accelerate learning and improve grades
  • Stimulate the child’s brain and create new learning pathways

Dr. Anupma Sethi , Executive Director of EmpowerKidz, is a graduate of the University of Delhi with a Doctorate in Special Education. Dr. Sethi has experience as an Orton-Gillingham reading therapist, teacher, consultant, and mother. She has worked with children for more than a decade and has experimented with research based new developments in education and the science of teaching.


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