Why Assess Cognitive Skills?

Why does one student succeed academically while another fails in the same school, same class, same teacher and same curriculum? This question applies even when comparing different schools. Is it solely the fault of the teaching process? Is it potentially related to how well each student processes and understands information – their capacity to learn? Cognitive skill performance impacts how well a student learns.

  • When Cognitive skills are strong, academic learning is fast, easy, efficient, and even fun.
  • When cognitive skills are weak, academic learning will be a struggle or even impossible.
  • Cognitive skills are, therefore, the essential tools for learning.
  • Knowing a student’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses is critical to ensuring academic success.
  • Cognitive skills can be improved through proper training.

Academic testing provides information on a student’s knowledge base and ability to use that knowledge. If a student struggles with academics, this type of testing does not provide any insights into the underlying cause.

A Cognitive Skills Assessment can provide valuable insights into how well a student processes information. If any weak skills are identified, this information provides a basis for developing a pathway to a solution. Knowing if a student has any weak learning skills may be the single most important data point to ensuring that each student achieves their full potential and can lead to choices that can make the difference between success and failure.


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