Your Brain Needs Exercise Too!

The BrainSkills program is one of the products and services we offer at EmpowerKidz. BrainSkills training is specially geared toward helping children in athletics, but it provides powerful exercises for the brain that benefit all areas of learning.

Here’s an overview of the BrainSkills Core Exercise Program

  • BrainSkills was created by Dr. Gibson and sometimes people will state that BrainSkills is Processing and Cognitive Enhancement (PACE) Online.
  • The brain can be exercised to improve mental (cognitive) function. Stronger cognitive skills can make learning easier and faster.
  • Not all brain training is created equal.  Mental activity in general is a good thing. Doing crossword puzzles and any type of video game, especially educational video games can help. But these types of activities have limited capacity to correct weak cognitive skills associated with learning, especially reading.
  • Dr. Gibson has been working for over 35 years to fine tune the right types of brain exercises in the right combination and delivery to optimize results. BrainSkills is based upon his successful clinical programs that have helped over 25,000 students unlock their learning potential.
  • BrainSkills consists of a series of 10 different exercises that train a variety of key cognitive skills that impact learning and reading.
  • The recommended protocol is to work on the exercises one hour per day, five days a week for 12-15 weeks.
  • Depending upon each student’s beginning skill level, intensity of training and needs, the training period can be shorter or longer.

Core cognitive skills and exercises in BrainSkills address areas including working memory, sustained, selective or divided attention, concentration, comprehension, processing speed, visual processing manipulation, logic and reasoning, sensory-motor integration, and many more critical learning processes.

If your child is showing signs of frustration when performing athletics, or is performing below levels anticipated for his/her age and experience, contact us for more information about our BrainSkills program at We at EmpowerKidz are proud to be the sole provider of this program in the Sacramento area, and at reasonable rates. We look forward to helping your child feel confident and empowered!


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