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EmpowerKidz Proudly Offers SOI Programs

Empowerkidz is proud to be one of the few licensed SOI Systems providers in the Sacramento region. Through SOI assessments and intervention programs, our students are making remarkable learning strides – and having fun while they’re at it! Anupma will attend advanced level SOI Systems training in June 2012 and plans to offer exclusive advanced services to our clients.

What is SOI?

“SOI” stands for Structure of Intellect—a theory of the functions and products of human intelligence. It is a system of tests and training materials to develop intellectual abilities. The SOI is based on the work of J. P. Guilford whose search for intellectual abilities, the S.I., began in 1940 and lasted until l959. Your safety in the United States today is due in great measure to Dr. Guilford’s early work.

What is the SOI method for success?

SOI design is simple:

  1. Identify the abilities required for the learning of reading, arithmetic, math, or requisites for any given job.
  2. Test for those abilities.
  3. Teach abilities which are low, maintain those which are gifted, and develop further any that are average.
  4. Compare levels of performance with and without SOI training to document the difference it can make.

This is the design used by business, science, and medicine. Doctors Mary & Robert Meeker’s approach makes traditional education much more successful!

What makes SOI different?

  • SOI derives from theory. It is the application of a theory of human intelligence; it has the solid backing of twenty years of basic research by Guilford and his colleagues.
  • SOI is practical. At the same time that SOI has a solid theoretical background, it is also practical—it identifies levels of abilities required for learning and then offers training to further improve those levels.
  • SOI is cost-effective.